Coyote's Tale:  Fire and Water  - Review

Coyote's Tale: Fire and Water
Ages: general audience

I live in a state that was once Mexico, and we have a population of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who would be happy to see a game with some of their culture, images and legends. For the rest of us it's an interesting trip through some new myths.

It's a casual game, available for play and download from various game portals, and the format is seek-and-find interspersed with puzzles. Not unique, but the lead characters add a lot to the game. Coyote is funny, clever and discourteous, each of the gods your quest leads you to has their own shtick - arrogant, dysfunctional, unintelligible. You solve each of their puzzles and get a piece of equipment to help in the boss battle.

You begin by selecting one of two girls - one being a timed version of the game, the other sort of free-play. Seek and find has two options - one listing the objects to find, the other showing the images of the objects to find. Amazing how much help seeing the images provides. The scenes are very colorful depictions of Aztec locals with buildings, landscapes and temples. A puzzle game where it's nice being there.

A good change from the Greek gods.

This game is available for download from Big Fish Games and other casual game portals. $19.95

Fun Factor: An amusing romp though Mesoamerica
Female Factor: Insignificant
Player Friendly: Players have a choice of timed or free play modes.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/09

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