Da New Guy: Day of the Jackass - Review

Da New Guy: Day of the Jackass
Rating: N/A - Rating Not Applicable

The story line involves three roommates who are pro wrestlers. It starts in a ring where a twist of fate nets the weaker of the three, named Brain, the prized gold champion belt. This leads to a host of complications and results in his kidnapping. The other two, Simon and The Defender, are unhappy with the lack of police work and decide to try to help solve the crime in order to find their friend. Nothing is ever simple, as they need certain things and take several steps to get each clue uncovered. The entire game is a series of manipulations with items and people to get to the goal.

The graphics are in a simple cartoon style with good voice work and fun dialogue. Nicely written, the puzzles are quite clever, sometimes requiring a bit of tricky thinking. It was enjoyable to follow and easy to save. It was charming in that it was a nice change from the frantic pace or gritty tenseness type of style in other games.

Fun Factor: Good
Female Factor: None
Player Friendly: Mirror scene tricky, otherwise OK

Reviewed by: Adison Garzon - Mar/12

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