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de Blob
Ages: Everyone

You know that a games will be successful when you have to pry it out of the reviewer's hand and say. "Go review".

Your mission, should you accept it, and you should, is to restore a city that has had all its colors sucked out by the invader, Conrad Black and his inkbots. You, de Blob, a round squishy ball, accomplish this by filling up with color and rolling over things, or like the Prince of Persia running along the buildings splashing color as you go. Different colors are picked up by rolling over color leechbots, and you can wash off the colors by jumping into many of the pools of water to start all over again. When you color a whole block, you liberate the Raydians and their numbers lets you unlock stuff.

It's color play and it's fun because these liquid color patterns transform the city so easily into an extravaganza of color. The development of battles and challenges are to keep you in the game longer. Color mixing follows the RGB pattern, and with it you can get 6 colors. The rolling is a little like Katamari Damacy. The game uses both the remote and the nunchuk, and except for a few physical motions depends mostly on buttons. Four can play together with color matching, slamming each other and racing.

The music is good, you have a choice of a few genres and they all seem to match the activity going on in the screen. After you complete a level, you get free play and that's when you turn it over to the grandkids.

Fun Factor: A most enjoyable and creative game
Female Factor: zip
Player Friendly: The game is simple, instructions are mainly on screen,

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/09

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