Desperate Housewives - Review

Desperate Housewives
Ages: Teen

Desperate Housewives
This is a game for the fans of the show who feel that the characters are having all too much fun and want to join in the romp. You know the drill – gossip, backstab, destroy reputations, lie, seduce boyfriends and husbands, and when short of money -- steal. It is all made easy for you – even to the extent of keeping track of the secrets you have discovered in the Secrets Journal. Wisteria Lane is no place for a goody-two-shoes.

The format is basically a simulation game. You create your own character and family and dress them, furnish your house and socialize with your neighbors. You come with a secret – a 20 year spell of amnesia and part of the game is finding out who you are. Unlike the Sims games you do have dialogue. There are five little mood icons from pleased to angry which pre-select the range of responses you have. Dialogue is important to moving the game along and the technique is well done – even sometimes funny.

There are some routine activities, this is after all a game, cooking, shopping, gardening, decorating and like all good "sims" you must pay close attention to your Needs Meter. The more complex activities like gossiping, breaking into houses, and affairs are up to you. I was told that during testing – the trick was to see how many men your character could sleep with. I believe that one of the functions of games is to give you the opportunity to do what you cannot do in real life. So, play on.

It all feels very much like the show. It comes as no accident. The team hired Scott Sanford Tobis, one of the show's writers to do the script. The characters of Wisteria Lane are not only well drawn but their personalities, even down to their body language are well matched to the show's characters – and yes they are all there, even Brenda Strong as the narrator. Did I enjoy the game? I am not a fan of the show –enuf said.

A final note. Ladies, you need a robust PC to play this game. Minimum requirements -- Windows XP and a new high powered video card.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

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