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Dracula Resurredtion
Ages: Mature

The title says it all -- Drac is back! Jonathan's wife Mina, after seven years, has succumbed to Dracula's magnetic pull and has gone to join him. Or this could also be the Victorian's version of the seven year itch. Nonetheless -- Jon goes to Transylvania to find her and bring her back.

The graphics are exceedingly good for a minor game. The dark snowy scenes, while beautiful, still remain ominous, lonely and haunting. There is a spectacular train ride in a mine, you get to explore Dracula's bedroom, and to meet his wives. A lot to experience in a relatively short game.

You mostly pick up, use and combine items. The puzzles, though few, are somewhat obscure. It is important that you unearth the dragon ring at the very beginning of the game since it is the key to a number of locked situations. The navigation is slow but if you follow the cursor you will eventually get there. Reacting to people and items requires you to move so that you are directly in front of them. Characters that you meet are in your face -- really. The talk action requires you to zoom into the character to be able to speak to them. I must admit that the first couple of times I jerked back from the screen. The graphics are actually more like the artwork of the old masters, which almost seems out of place in a computer game.

Will Mina be saved? Will Dracula be defeated? I will only reveal that there is a sequel, The Last Sanctuary. The game is not available from Amazon but it can be purchased from http://www.AdventurecompanyGames.com for $14.99. While you are there you might see fit to scoop up some other adventure games.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/05

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