Dragon's Lair HD  - Review

Dragon's Lair HD

As I was reviewing Dragon's Lair HD, a friend walked into the office, "Don Bluth" was his exclamation. For those who played arcade games early on, Dragon's Lair was know as the first laser disk arcade game and it changed the world of arcade games. It is one of the great old games and it's up to us to let the "youngsters" in on this. In this version, the images were clean and brilliant, and the sound was surround. All of it added to the catastrophic colorful deaths of our hero.

Dirk the Daring, in case you are too young to remember, is on a mission to save Princess Daphnia from the evil dragon Singe Game play consists of moving Dirk with one of the four arrow keys in response to an indicator light, and when called for, wield his sword with the spacebar. Quick responses is all that is called for to move Dirk forward to the next hazard. Hazard humor is what this game is about. Our hero is flattened by rolling balls, poisoned by giant spiders, engulfed by boiling goo, crushed by a giant snake, zapped by lightning bolts, attacked by vampire bats -- all in wonderful colorful cartoons. There is a "Watch" mode for those who just want to sit back and look at the action.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/06

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