Dragon Quest Swords  The Masked Queen   - Review

Dragon Quest Swords The Masked Queen
Ages: Teen

For an action RPG there there's enough story, dialog, and animated characters to make it more than a routine battle game. Clear instructions and easy ramp-up make it a good game for players wanting to try out RPGs, while the well tooled combat will please experienced gamers.

The Wii controls for the combat - are excellent - and after a number of poor implementation of Wii's gesture function - it's a joy to play. Slashes decimate lines of enemies, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. While A is used for fighting, B controls your shield which has a "sweet spot" designed to withstand attacks. And then there is the "Master Stroke", where you have to follow screen directions within a specific time.

At the start of the adventure your enemies look like escaped Elebits but by the end of each level there is the boss fight - a serious opponent where the clashes are rewarded with dazzling pyrotechnics - even more so when you can enlist your buddies. The game has four interesting characters and will accommodate four players.

At the center of the game is Avalon township, with its castle, weapons shop, pub, and church. It is in the church where you save your game by confessing to a nun, and in return you are chastised about your wayward ways. Action takes place outside of the town but players can always return - sometimes losing points by being able to keep the loot collected.

This is a game that speaks to the developers dedication to providing an engaging and satisfying experience for the player. Fighting becomes fun but surprisingly not violent. Hmmm - I have to think about this.

Fun Factor: This many faceted game engages players on many levels.
Female Factor: Fleurette - is no flower in combat.
Player Friendly: A beautiful,helpful Instruction Manual

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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