Dream Day True Love  - Review

Dream Day True Love
Rating: NR - Not Rated

The games that come under the Dream Day title all have a strong romance theme - wedding, honeymoon, first home. What next? Having kids is the antithesis of romance. Designer Cara Ely came up with a novel idea - the actual love story of her grand parents that unfolds over seventy years. Could have been maudlin, but it's not. It's a wonderful trip through much of American life 1939 - 2000, encompassing two wars and changing styles - houses, cars, appliances and clothing. This is a seek-and-find, but it is also Cara's labor of love in putting together the massive amounts of authentic detail about the lives of two people and making it into a charming tale. The game is packed with excellent and varied puzzles, find the difference, sorting memory games and many which involve colors. On the easy setting, the only ones that I play, there are hints, and walkthroughs that provide lists of what to do. Where there are no hints - it is possible to skip that activity. The action is centered about the house and garden and involves preparation for Bill and Helen's 70th Wedding Anniversary with the requisite invitations, seating, decoration and cake. The scrapbook is the unifying element and dialog furthers the story.

It's romance of a different sort - probably not best appreciated by those who don't even remember President Kennedy - but for those whose lives touched that era - it will be more than a satisfying game.

Fun Factor: Touching story
Female Factor: Kudos to Cara Ely for creating the game
Player Friendly: Good attention to helping players

Reviewed by: Editor - Feb/11

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