Dream Day Honeymoon   - Review

Dream Day Honeymoon
Ages: Everyone

What happens after Dream Day Wedding? The honeymoon of course. Dream Day Honeymoon continues the adventure of Robert and Jenny to a tropic island, luxury hotel, honeymoon suite, sunny beaches, and a thatched native hut. This is a seek-and-find game that owes much to its with romantic title. There is no relaxed mode here, but cupid's arrows will help you find objects if you are stuck. And some items will be difficult to find because they are too small - an olive, a marble? Jenny is supposed to be hunting for presents a caterpillar, a sole, waffle gimme a break!. With all the stuff available items should have been more story related.

Fun Factor: Nice sets.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

  • Dream Day Honeymoon
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  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP
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