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Dukes of Hazzard
Ages: Everyone

Dukes o' Hazzard -- Oh land o goshen! What a nostalgia piece. Bo and Luke and sassy Daisy Duke, Yes and Uncle Jess and Cooter, Boos Hogg -- the whole passel of them. Every kid I knew dreamt of a car like the General Lee. But, if you remember all of this, you probably are too old to play. Remember also, "You can't go home again". Your nostalgia about the game just won't float it. So let the kids play it while you sit back and remember that it was better. The frame around which the driving is shaped is of course shenanigans of Boss Hogg. So you drive around Hazzard County from Duke's farm to the Junkyard, the Boars Nest, the Coal mine -- sometimes racing sometimes tailing. The driving controls are awkward and we have had the experience of better cars, better graphics and better controls. This one feels dated. Maybe that's the definition of nostalgia.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/04

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