Earth 2160 - Review

Earth 2160
Ages: Teen

Three decades of Earth -- 2140, 2150 and now 2160 is a testimony to the vitality of the game. First off, let me state, that I cannot do this game justice. It is a complex on-line game that will tax any but the most dedicated mechanical constructionist and intense strategy player. The game is packed with parts that you assemble to fight assemblies that other players have put together. The same system is used for building bases. The trick is knowing what your opponent has and skillfully countering him/her.

There are three factions you can choose to join: The Eurasian Dynasty, the Lunar Corporation, the United Civilized States -- none are too savory. The story continues on from the destruction of the Earth by the above factions and their subsequent flight to other inhabitable planets. Have they learned anything from their destruction of the earth? Has it made them into a more cooperative, peaceful bunch? Noooo! Else there would be no game. Players deserve a Mensa award anyway.

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/06

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