Every Extend Extra  - Review

Every Extend Extra
Ages: Everyone

Another light and music show from Q? Entertainment. This one is simply a shooter, but instead of taking your enemies out one at a time, high scores are obtained by strategically waiting until many enemies are on the screen and wiping all or almost all of them out with a circle detonator. Causing the most beautiful display of explosions on you screen and getting you points. It gets more complicated, but making a beautiful light show is the main reason I would play this game. Music groups featured are qp, USCUS, h.ueda. Hey- what's the matter with simple names? These look like typing mistakes. Sounds are good anyway.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

  • Every Extend Extra
  • © BVG/ Q? Entertainment
  • Platform(s): PlayStation Portable
  • To Order: PSP http://www.amazon.com/ $29.99