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Rapala's FishingFrenzy
Ages: Everyone

The reviewer who knows about fishing has gone south on me - this will be a thoroughly inadequate review. This is not a game that teaches you how to fish. This is a game for those who know how to fish. And although it looks like a kids' game on the box cover, the manipulation with nunchuk and remote are sufficiently complex that I would figure the game for an adult - or kid with adult help. The manual has been done by someone who may know how to fish but is uninterested in sharing that information - how else could it be so uninformative?

Trolling (no definition) seems to be getting your boat to where the fish are. The "fish finder" locates them for you and indicates how deep the fish are and you cast in that direction. Hopefully you will have made the right selection of lures from the Rapala shop. Now you wait. What to do when the fish bites is the complicated part and has a lot to do with the line. My line broke each time. With the Nunchuk you can cut the line. Cut? When? Why? Maybe I should have started with a catfish instead of a Largemouth bass. Who's to know?

The character in the boat has three positions; sitting behind the wheel of the boat - at which point you can motor to different spots, standing, or sitting on the deck. Now this is important. When the character stands, she can cast using the remote and when she sits on deck she is trolling. Have you any idea how long it took for me to find that out - it is not explained in the manual.

If you are interested in this game, please go to www.activisionvalue.com . It seems that for the right person, it would be a satisfying play. It shows underwater views, has six different freshwater locations throughout the US and one in Canada and over 20 species of fish. A trip to www.rapala.com, maker of fishing equipment might add additional information.

News Flash: Hudson is coming out with a simpler fishing game next year - more directed towards kids.

Fun Factor: Probably for the right person.
Female Factor: Your choice of gender
Player Friendly: Poor manual for beginners.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/08

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