Gauntlet -- Seven Sorrows - Review

Gauntlet -- Seven Sorrows
Ages: Teen

After many a reviews come numbness. Everything seems the same, same quest same heroes same lurid color power rings and from the sales of games these days, I am not the only one feeling this way. Gauntlet -- Seven Sorrows is the second version, the first one goes back to arcade days.

I don't know how a company can develop such interesting characters in the manual and completely lose it in the game. The story reads like a Norse legend, with Valkyrie, Wizared and Elf allied with the hero named Athalbarandr Ragneithnur -- Althy for short. In the game they just become: Main Hero, Lesser Hero, Female, Wizard. There is no interplay between them, no sense of the legends that lie in wait. Well, they are mostly busy killing minions,. swarms of minions, millions and millions of minions. It's just hack and slash. The story. as most stories are these days, are pretty much the same. Good guys are unjustly put upon and seek revenge and justice while saving the world from destruction. When there is no "meat" on the bones of the story, the killing becomes boring, and you feel that you have played this one before. We girls want more than hack and slash.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/04

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