Ghost in the Shell -- Stand Alone Complex Vol. 01   - Review

Ghost in the Shell -- Stand Alone Complex Vol. 01
Ages: not rated

This title has been everywhere -- it has now migrated to the PSP in the form of a UMD Video. The subtitle Stand Alone Complex refers to the fact that there are stories that are complete in themselves (Stand Alone), while the "Complex" refers to a cliffhanger.

The popularity of the Ghost series is not so much that Major Motoko's police outfits more often resemble bikinis than uniforms , but that there is always a subtle play between the boundary of human and machine.

In Section 9 the unit is called upon to investigate an android brain theft which leads them to a Japanese restaurant where they prevent two Geisha android assassins killing a diplomat. The idea of attractive Geishas being androids, much less assassins is part of the cleverness we expect from the series.

Testaction involves a runaway artillery tank which brings into play the saccharine voices of the Tachikomas -- the battle robots of Section 9. Who will save the day, human or android skills?

Android And I Starts out with a beautiful girl committing suicide by stepping off a building -- another one walks calmly into a river and drowns. Even when you find out that they are androids -- it is still disturbing. Seems that there is a epidemic effecting certain models of android. The how and why is Section 9's next assignment.

Interloper Brings back the unsolved "Laughing Man" case with the added complication that members of a police unit, unknown to them and without state approval, have been implanted with a camera that records their daily actions. This one is the cliffhanger.

For my taste -- the price is too high for passive entertainment. The stories are short and simplistic as one might expect from a TV show. However, Ghost fanatics will go for anything with the title, but be advised -- running time is 110 min..

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/05

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