Godzilla Unleashed  (Wii) - Review

Godzilla Unleashed (Wii)
Ages: Everyone 10+

The Vortaak is at it again, raining crystals down upon the earth which grow to immense size, fracturing the earth and unleashing a spate of mutant and alien monsters to further the destruction of the earth. Itís a monster wonderland Ė twenty-four in all. With your help, Sidney, New York, Paris, Osaka and San Francisco can be destroyed. There seem to be three factions Ė Mutants, Aliens and the sort of good guy Earth Defenders which include Godzilla, Mothera, King Caesar and those allied with the Global Defense Force (GTF). The animations are great and you get up close and personal with the likes of three headed King Ghidorah and watch him spit fire three ways. Almost every monster spits fire or sends out electricity Ė young boys will love it.

There is enough monster power here to make a story and with the three factions one could assume that you could have buddies fighting along with you, but Pipeworks didnít think it through enough and itĎs sort of a hodgepodge battle game - and they all feel like Boss battles. Itís really very camp Ė the thudding footsteps, the fiery breath, the less than perfect graphics. The Wii will give you a real workout since every action is made stronger and better by waving the Remote or shaking both Nunchuk and Remote. The manual is very extensive, giving specific Wii directions and a fun history on all the monsters Ė I can see cards next. You can have four players with multiplayer mode. Itís fun if you donít expect too much. The only problem is, with itís stiff price point you may be expecting more.

Fun Factor: A monster tea party sans tea

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/07

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