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Graffiti Kingdom
Ages: Everyone

You can't fool me. This is really a stealth 3D solids modeling program the object which is to turn players into computer graphic artists for the game companies. Graffiti Kingdom is a game in two separate parts -- truly split brain activities. One where you are simply fighting and smacking things and the other were you are creating characters with attributes to help you win battles. As you win battles you get more drawing options.

The solids modeling part is amazing. Draw a 2D shape and the program gives you a choice of several extruded solids. Start with body; make head, make arms and legs with attributes like move, jump, kick and select colors. As you win more battles you get more sophisticated drawing options and attributes.

I am not sure why they coupled the two functions together. I for one, wanted to spend my time designing instead of having to earn special features by fighting. On the other hand, would you buy just a solids modeling program? So maybe HotB was very wise to put them together. While the game is rated "E". it requires the patience of an older child. But this "game" will amuse and teach for a long while. Have to go now -- just won the "curve" tool and have to see what I can do with it.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/05

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