The Guild 2 - Review

The Guild 2

Tired of the today's hectic life? Too much going on in your home, community, state? You can opt out for an alternate universe of 14th century Europe. This strategy/simulation game from Aspyre will immerse you in making a dynasty for yourself. You can become merchant, priest, council-member, alchemist, or become the equivalent of a Mafia don. Select a wealthy husband or wife, make friends, fight enemies, bring up children and play out your role as male or female.

The attention to detail in incredible, and becomes more apparent as you get into the game. For instance, as a character you must pick a religion Protestant of Catholic. In future encounters with people, your character will receive a slight penalty when dealing with people of other faiths. There is much to be involved with in the game, you must pay attention to your endeavor whatever it is. Sometimes you almost may wish for the modern convenience of pushing a button and having Fed Ex pick up and deliver.

The costumes are beautifully detailed and the interiors of the buildings, churches, courtrooms, and warehouses have the look of an historical exhibit. All lend to the experience of being there. I am trying to see how far being a woman can get me into the priesthood. The game can be played in single person, couple or online mode.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/06

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