Guitar Hero On Tour; Decades - Review

Guitar Hero On Tour; Decades
Ages: Everyone +10

We thought that the first version of this game (Guitar Hero On Tour, engineered for the DS, was one of the great coups of the year. Yeah, it was a little hard on the hand - we just tightened the strap. Our singular disappointment was that it was a play-alone experience. With this release, Decades you now can share the music with the On Tour version. For two players there is Face-off - compete head to head with specially designed guitar tracks and Coop - one plays lead, the other plays rhythm or bass. Two more new characters are also available - Clive and Midori.

The song list is awesome:

With a list like this - it's worth it just for the tracks.

Fun Factor: Until you can afford the ax.
Player Friendly: Take frequent breaks to avoid any discomfort.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

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