Hannah Montana Music Jam - Review

Hannah Montana Music Jam
Ages: Everyone

I've been waiting for this game since last summer's E3. What seemed incredible is the inclusion in the game of a completely separate section to make and play music videos - doing Guitar Hero one better and on a hand held to boot.

You and Hannah start off with leaning to play Rhythm guitar by pressing the direction buttons on the control pad to match that shown on the guitar while strumming across all the strings with the stylus. They didn't mirror it for lefties and so they have to press ABXY instead. You follow up with Bass guitar - instead of strumming - you pick one string with your stylus. Once you have mastered Bass, on to Lead guitar. Now you tap and "bend" the note by dragging the string. Next - Drums. What can I say, six drums, 3 cymbals and 1 tambourine. I gained more respect for drummers after this. Tap at the right time, or if you are a glutton for punishment - use the buttons and d-pad. If you go into Creative Play you can record your own free style, add remove or edit your saved tracks. With the Rhythm guitar you have a choice of chord sets. You could spend the summer here.

But now back to Hannah. Two newcomers are giving our girl some competition, Savanah Starr is vying to top Hannah in the Music Jam and Josie Moore, a new hip girl, seems to be stealing Hannah's friends. So much for friendship. So Hannah is burning the candle at both ends - doing favors to win back her friends and learning new instruments and making a new video. Meanwhile, Daddy preaches balancing her life.

The task are continuous - from her father, family and friends. One isn't finished before another is requested. Changes in location happen when you stand on a sparkling star. But you don't know ahead of time where it will lead you and to what task. Interestingly, the stress is expressed and obvious. This game needs a "To Do" list.

Fun Factor: Stick with the music.
Female Factor: Hannah runs ragged in this one - such is the price of fame.
Player Friendly: The task and movements need better organization.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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