Honeycomb Beat - Review

Honeycomb Beat
Ages: Everyone

I love this game, I love this game, I love it so much that after playing it, I dreamt of walking through six foot high hexagons. This game engages like Sudoku, but instead of numbers you are playing with organizing shapes, visual symmetries and strategy moves, not unlike chess.

It reminds me of Othello or as the game is sometimes referred to, Reversi, where the strategy is to reverse the largest number of pieces to your color. Instead of an eight by eight board, the playing size for Honeycomb Beat while starting with a beginner's small number of pieces, can be almost endless. The object is to turn all hexagons appearing on the field to the same color. This is done by touching one, which results in all hexagons that touch it -- reversing their color. In the Puzzle mode your are allowed 10 touches, called beats. In the Evolution mode, you try to clear rapidly rising strings of hexagons by turning single rows to one color. There are other ramifications, to make the game more complex with certain cells being more resistant to changing color, or with vectors which allow flipping colors all the way to the edge of the line.

The game also makes great use of the touchscreen, something that I rate all DS games on. Not only is all the flipping done by touching, but all the information is also on the same touchscreen. The top screen is only used to alert you to when you are approaching your beat limit. Amazing that something that looks so simple can be so complex. The complexity is more challenging than frustrating as you learn to "see" how the strategy of the patterns work. I love it!

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/07

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