Izuna 2 The Unemployed Ninja Returns  - Review

Izuna 2 The Unemployed Ninja Returns
Ages: Teen

Don't let the clever title, pretty face and pink hair lull you into thinking that this is a easy game. We played the first game, and it was hard - this one is slightly different but it gives no quarter. First off - there's more environment than just the hub village and you can move around and explore more. It's still a dungeon crawler in the Rogue-like style, in which all your money and collectibles are taken away when you die while you still retain your experience and levels. There is a workaround here - put the money in the bank/storeroom. There are no giveaways or freebies - if you want to cast a powerful spell you do so at the expense of your physical strength; walking and picking up items uses points.

I think there was an attempt to make the game easier by introducing Tag Team, where Izuna can take a partner with her into the dungeons. If Izuna dies - the other can continue. The only problems is for this to work, the partner has to be leveled up.

There is a modicum of a story - Izuna is a cute rebellious character that seems to constantly gets into trouble with the gods. While invited to the wedding of Ichika, her side kick and semi-sister Shino eats a dish that tastes like her sister's recipe, so off she goes to find her. What else can Izuna do - go dungeon diving to find her friend? . The voices are in Japanese, which I prefer - translation text contains all the jokes. For those who are only interested in the dungeon part - there is a fair amount of stopping to talk to the villagers and moving about the enlarged town before you can get into the dungeons. The game saves automatically at certain points. There is an excellent color manual which describes the characters, Tag System, dungeons and more - all written in the first person (Izuna). Startling also, is her asides to the player. I liked it - don't know if the core gamers will.

Fun Factor: Satisfying if you want to put the work into it.
Female Factor: Izuna - the rebel - rocks
Player Friendly: Automatic saves - but the game is unforgiving

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/08

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