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Life Line
Ages: Mature

The setting is the new JSL space station hotel. Rio is in the monitor room when there is an attack by space aliens. Locked in there he finds he can communicate with Naomi, a waitress. He must direct this inexperienced and frightened person to battle the aliens and save the remaining passengers. Naomi grows in stature over the game and soon takes on the appearance of a stealth commando and soon gives lip to Rio. The aliens look yucky. One looks like a walking hand which reminds me of the disembodied hand in one of the Vincent Price movies.

The graphics are interesting and does give you the feeling of being in a luxurious space hotel -- a Sun and Moon suite opulently prepared for honeymooners. There are minor characters some nicer that others that Rio will try to save-- including Naomi's boyfriend Gino, a security guard. The controls are voice activated and you must have a USB microphone to connect to the console. I have seen voice activated controls used with other computer systems and for even he best, it is iffy. If you matched it to your voice at noon, it won't recognize your sleepy morning voice. If you have the patience, this game is worth trying -- just to be on the cutting edge. BTW, I think woman's voices work better than guys -- so bring along a girlfriend. Konami deserves credit for its foray into voice control.

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/03

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