L:ips - Review

Ages: Everyone

Hands down - they have the sexiest mics in the business. And what is it that makes a wanabe feel more like a star than holding a mic - and this one pulses with light - makes poses possible because they are motion sensitive. And because they are wireless, you won't trip over the wires as you sashay to the music. And the new Lips just wouldn't fly without it.

The song list is OK for a starter - Rihanna, Duffy, Jackson 5, The Police - even Johnny Cash and John Denver.

You can plug in your MP3 or iPod for your own songs - if they are DRM free - gotcha! It also scores you easer than Singstar or Rockband and when you start - all songs come unlocked - a good idea, lets make this more like fun instead of work. Xbox LIVE is promising more songs and social interactions with the game - we'll see. This is Microsoft's Holiday gift to the Xbox folks - and none to soon.

Fun Factor: It's a party
Female Factor: A fair distribution
Player Friendly: When they make the mics work with other games it will be perfect.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

  • Lips
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  • Platform(s): XBox360
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