Lost in Shadow  - Review

Lost in Shadow
Rating: E-10+ - Everyone 10+

It's no longer Coming Soon - it's here. It's every bit as good as it promised to be and some of the things that were annoying in the pre-published version have been resolved. It's a side scroller - but one that forces you to pay attention in a way that has you seriously focused, much like how Butoh focuses your attention on the slightest dance movement. In this case - it's shadow vs. reality and while you must play the shadow, you also pick up clues from the "real" world.

The story begins on the top of a high tower where a menacing knight slashes away a boy's shadow, casting it from the tower. The Shadow is awakened by Spangle, a winged sylph that accompanies him and does the heavy lifting during Shadow's quest to return to the tower and unite shadow with body. The Shadow traverses though areas of enormous mechanical constructers and rugged outcroppings, even a waterfall. Did you know that waterfalls have shadows? Heights are constantly expanding with elevators and ladders providing assistance.

Health depends upon the weight of the "memories" you collect - and neglecting to pick up enough to compensate for the energy you are expending will have your shadow vanish to nothingness. With the memories you start building the story. New levels are entered though a smoky smudge after you have collected the required three "eyes". At some points you can enter another dimension - where the world geometry is even stranger.

As you enter the tower, shadow enemies will begin to attack you - however you have attained a rusty sword with which to battle them off - some will actually take three strikes. They tend to get in the way of your jumps, causing you to fall, causing you to lose a life. Fighting is not really the focus of the game. What is most novel is the ability to change the direction of the light source - which causes a completely different shadow arrangement. I look at shadows with more respect now.

Saving was a problem with the pre-published version as was the lack of instruction. Happily, all this has been fixed. There are now well marked save points and good in-game instruction. It's a unique game. After a while it begins to feel too isolated and too long - but even if you don't finish it, playing it is an experience.

Fun Factor: Engaging concept
Female Factor: Shadow is a boy, Spangle is female. He jumps, She manipulates the environment
Player Friendly: Absolutely

Reviewed by: Editor - Jan/11

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