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Metal Gear Solid -- The Twin Snakes
Ages: Mature Blood and gore/Suggestive themes/Violence

I never played the original Metal Gear Solid so bear with me. I am overwhelmed with the number and variety of moves available to Snake. Besides the usual run/walk, crouch, climbing and stealth moves, Snake can also crawl, peek, make noise, call, choke, drag, throw and shakedown his victims to get his goodies. Besides having an arsenal of various guns, there are actually more explosive devises. All this indicates a game more focused on stealth instead of button mashing shooting Your enemies are not wimps and require skill and inventiveness on your part to accomplish your mission. Still there is more blood and killing for my taste. The fact that Hiddo Kojima's name is attached to this game grantees that the intense play experienced in previous Metal Gear games will continue in this one.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/04

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