Missing - Box

Ages: Mature -- Blood Violence

I saw Missing - Since January at E3 last May. For those people who get games confused with their real life -- this is not one that they should play, because this game intrudes into your life.

The player gets a personal request to help find two people who disappeared while on the trail of a serial murderer. You are provided with a CD with partial information about who they are, and some information about the case. You start getting e-mails (to your actual e-mail account) from others on the case with hints, web sites to search, and grainy photos. Soon you realize that some of the messages are coming from the killer, and he knows what you are up to. Coming face to face with a madman on your e-mails is, to say the least, disconcerting. An egomaniac, he is toying with you, offering hints provided you solve his arcane puzzles, and all the while calling you "Little Friend".

It is surprising how compelling and scary a game can be made with text, e-mail and snippets of video. Over fifty e-mail messages move the game along and give the sense of time running out. I think that The Adventure Company and Lexis-Numerique deserve much credit for bringing us this one.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

  • Missing
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  • W98 Me XP 2000
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