Monster House - Review

Monster House
Ages: Everybody 10 +

You hardly have time to pick up your controller before Monster House has you in its clutches. The back story, in case you haven't seen the movie, is that the house has been devouring things -- the last being a police car with police. Three kids decide to take on the job of defeating the house, armed with their water guns and other miscellany. How is not clearly defined. DJ's water gun can be upgraded with monster annihilating stream, plus he has a flash on his camera. Chowder, his slightly overweight and slower friend, can also upgrade his water gun, increasing it's power and his secondary weapon is a water balloon that can take out a crowd. Lastly, Jenny's upgrade will increase the firing speed and her very useful additional weapon is a sharp shooting slingshot. The kids are sucked up and separated as soon as they enter, so you will play each one individually and become familiar which each kid's weapons.

The water guns is effective against the monsters, particularly when you have them in your flashlight beam. The house is truly out to get you -- simple chairs become attacking crabs, floorboards become large spiders, an entire floor become a whirlpool grinding machine, toasters burst into flames and lamps try to ensnare you. If you can find the bathroom -- you are safe there.

There are 10 levels and many floors and rooms to discover. All are varied and interesting. You explore from attic to basement, and all the rooms have lots of items to break for goodies. Itís not all fighting, there is some strategy involved, like finding ways to get past barricades, picking up tokens for art and finding game token to use to see, Thou Art Dead -- found in the Extra Menu.

The game is well done and interesting enough to interest adult players. Forget the water guns -- shooting is shooting. It is important that games include female characters. In this case, Jenny, though not the strongest, has the necessary skills to advance the game. The Game Cube and PS2 version are basically indistinguishable from each other. Pays your money -- take your choice.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/06

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