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Mysterious Journey II
Ages: Everyone

Mysterious Journey II is listed as the sequel toSchizm - Mysterious Journey.. I don't think so. It feels very different. Schizm had two main characters interacting with each other, an inventive organic world and scenes so beautiful you didn't want to leave them. Mysterious Journey II is leaner and more somber. As the main character, asleep for 200 years in a space station, you awaken and are told that your are responsible for the extinction of most of your civilization. The mechanical voice tell you that your first punishment will be to be imprisoned in the space station as it falls to its destruction and the other . The voice breaks off.

Well, you manage to escape after solving a routing problem in one of the most beautiful puzzles in the game. Puzzles -- there are many and there is no wandering about until you solve them. You can save at any time and you should. Some puzzles change each time you try them -- some will like that, some will not. I found that if I saved in the middle of a puzzle, I could keep on working with the same one. There are lots of puzzles and I found some to be hard -- or more precisely, tedious.

Back to the story. There are two remaining tribes left on the planet. One believing in science and technology and the other in living within the confines of nature. In trying to bring peace between them and discover more about how you effected this world, you bop back and forth between the two very different environments. It takes some getting used to. This is a big game. The three CDs are loaded onto your computer and will take a couple of GB.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/04

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