Overclocked - Review

Ages: RP

I have been following this game for about two years, back when it was still in production in Germany. It's a psychological thriller, with a psychiatrist sent in by the army to attempt to reconstruct the memories of five traumatized youths - an unusual topic for a game. I played it in a beta version in German. The voice, so good that I found myself coming out with a few German phrases in my conversation - it may be a good way to learn a foreign language.

But back to the game. I just got the English version and checked out the voices - they do not disappoint. The game, music and environments are so compelling that it was hard not to plunge in and be in the game all over again.

It's truly an original game. To solve the enigma of what has happened to these youths you have to get them to relive what happened in the past. As you reconstruct the story from one character, you follow up where the story left off by adding to the story from the next character. The player takes the part of both the psychiatrist and the traumatized patients. Slowly the plot becomes clear but not without danger for all involved.

There is a side story involving the personal problems of the psychiatrist that adds to the intrigue and fleshes out McNamara's character. The action takes place in rainy downtown New York, the Staten Island ferry and a foreboding ramshackle asylum hospital where the patients are held. The supporting characters are well done - detective Moretti has all the moves of Peter Falk, the desk manager in the hotel - a minor character but perfect. The animations are first class, smooth and natural and the facial expressions and skin texture the best I have seen.

Enjoy it - there will not be another like it.

Fun Factor: Keeps you in suspense until the end.
Female Factor: Three guys, two girls in the same boat
Player Friendly: Stepping backwards in time in the game takes getting used to - but very clever

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/08

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