The Penguins of Madagascar - Review

The Penguins of Madagascar
Rating: E - Everyone

Is that a penguin in your pocket? No, it's four penguins. You know these guys - they had a bit part in a Madagascar movie and quickly went on to their own Nickelodeon show. Once again these four recruits: Kowalski, Private and Rico under the watchful eye of Skipper are engaged in wacky adventures with serious foolishness and irreverent humor. The game starts out in the secret level of team penguin where we choose which mission we want to tackle - a birthday party for King Julien, finding Morti the mouse lemur or getting rid of the snow in the zoo.

Each character has two special talents - all can jump, but Skipper has an awesome double jump. Skipper can line up and stack the penguins; Kowalski builds things - mostly bridges and can hack machines and locks; Rico throws up explosives and launches projectiles, and Private can climb or crawl though tunnels. Cooperatively using these talents will let the team accomplish all their tasks. Picking up construction items can be done by passing over them. The Start button gives you camera pan mode - necessary in plotting your moves. Voice talent is the same as the Nickelodeon cast of the TV series and is very important in giving character to each of the penguins. Good beginning tutorial is aimed well at kids and is taught by Skipper. Don't know why but everyone seems to love these tuxedo-clad birds.

Fun Factor: Fun time with the epenguins
Female Factor: Not amongst this crew
Player Friendly: Works smoothly

Reviewed by: Editor - Nov/10

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