Plants vs. Zombies (DS)- Review

Plants vs. Zombies (DS)
Rating: E-10+ - Everyone 10+

Finally - the game has made it to the DS. I have already enjoyed it on the PC, but somehow - having zombies in your pocket feels just right. These zombies are after your brain - there are hoards of them staggering across your front lawn (and back yard eventually). The zombies become more formidable as the game advances. Your survival depends upon - plants. It's just like PopCap to come up with the twisted concept of pitting voracious zombies against benign plants. Collecting suns will provide growing energy for the plants, and the plants that become available are well matched to the increasing strengths of the zombies - some shoot, some devour, some explode, some squash.

The DS version contains 4 new mini-games as a break from the incessant zombie onslaught. There's multiplayer action via an ad-hoc wireless network and a feature which can make play besides fun, meaningful and rewarding - ACHIEVEMENTS. Fourteen wacky goals to strive for. Here's a few: Greenhouser Raise 10 plants to full growth in the Zen Garden, Demolitioneer Blow up 10 zombies at once with a single cherry bomb, Don't Drink the Water Beat a pool level without using any aquatic plants. Enough already - go play. Also available at

Fun Factor: Funny, funny, funny
Female Factor: No female zombies
Player Friendly: Couldn't find the Almanac in the Main Menu

Reviewed by: Editor - Feb/11

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