PSI Ops: Mindgate Conspiracy - Box

PSI Ops: Mindgate Conspiracy
Ages: Mature -Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

I thought PSI Ops: Mindgate Conspiracy would be an interesting game -- with a character something like a cross between Snake Pliskin and Obe-Wan Kenobe. Rewind. Nick Scryer is a killer. Yes, I know that he is saving the world from the bad guys. His psychic powers, levitation, mind drain and fire, only gives him an additional way to viciously kill. This is not my idea of a hero. I don't know what the final body count is but I gagged after killing 17 guards on the first level. Sara, the female tag-along doesn't do much to mitigate the violence. You still might see this game around your house if there is a male person who likes exploding heads. The rating says "intense violence" and "stong language". Yes on both accounts.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

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