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SRS -- Street Racing Syndicate
Ages: Teen

There are many girls and women who like fast cars and fast driving. Racing games fit nicely into this group. In addition, there is a two player option that allows you to play and beat the guys. But I am not sure that is game is a good fit for us females. Guys might like to customize and trim their cars, like girls like shoes, but there is just too much emphasis placed on upgrading your car. There is even a fully equipped showroom with a Lexis IS 300. But getting back to racing - the driving controls are good. The "drift" move will get you respect if you don't crash and you should learn to "slipstream" other cars to increase your speed.

Too close to what is happening today is the concept of "respect" and I've seen it in other games. Kids get killed in my city for not paying the right respect to someone. Anyway, think points -- you need them to get upgrades and girls. If you don't have enough respect -- other racers won't even race with you. You drive on the streets of Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami but the locations don't look as realistic as they do in GTA. For us women, the way the girls are treated in the game is a real turn-off. We are not prizes to be won. If you are playing with your hunk, remind him.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

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