Ratatouille - PS3 - Review

Ratatouille - PS3
Ages: Everyone

There is a reason that producers time game releases to coincide with their movie releases. The excitement of the movie can spur fans to buy the game and relive the movie. So Ratatouille for the PS3 being released now is like yesterday's news. I cannot believe that there are many PS3 player who have waited breathlessly for this one maybe Rock Band but not Ratatouille .

But for those who must have it It is a tale of a unique rat Remy with gustatory sensibilities who teams up with a busboy, Linguini to become the new gourmet team. Remy spends a surprising amount of time in the sewers, and when he finally makes it into the kitchen of Auguste Gusteau's famous restaurant, he gets to do some cooking, but it is secondary to being chased. Aw shucks go out and rent the movie.

Fun Factor: Rent the movie.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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