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ringtone maker 2
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ringtone maker 2 is only one of the many products that Magix makes. Their products have a somewhat broad but specific niche - that of enabling people to play with, create and modify their multimedia, digital photos or music. While Magix makes professional products for the industry -- >ringtone maker 2 is for private use but the expertise of the company is apparent.

It is likely that your cell phone will support polyphonic files andReal Music. If you have a question, you can check it out http://us.ringtone-maker.com. Pick out a CD or MP3 track, highlight the section you want and click to convert it into Real Music. format and download it into your cell phone. Your own unique ringtones makes is easy to know when it is your phone that is ringing. Sound isn't the only thing you can modify. You can also import pictures to go along with the ringtone or even text. Imagine special ringtones for a calls from your favorite friends, with their pictures appearing on the phone's screen. And all this without downloads or subscription fees.

Installation takes a bit of time, as you not only get ringtone maker 2 itself, but also Photo Manager. ringtone maker comes with a printed 36 page manual -- as well as a 90 page online manual in PDF format. There is a tutorial video that you can play which shows the screen actions as ringtones are created, modified and installed.

You can even record your own audio tracks and use your own pictures. The trickiest part may turn out to be navigating the obstacles some cell phone providers put in your way to force you to use their paid services.

Reviewed by: Lou Katz - 03/06

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