Rulers of Nations - Review

Rulers of Nations
Rating: T - Teen

Geo Political Sims are important to the creditability of games. There must be an option to experience national scenarios and conflict resolution other than shooting and blowing up things. I previously reviewed a couple of these types of games - PeaceMaker by Manifesto Games/Impact Games - a simulation about the core struggles between Palestine and Israel and Commander in Chief by eVerSim, where I managed to stay in power even after I cut students vacation days by a third. Surprisingly, staying in power is mostly a popularity game. Pleasing your constituents will enable you to hang around long enough to do "big things".

Eversim takes everything a significant step further, magnifying options and possibilities and also complexities. All of the world's countries are represented, and a vast number of issues can be dealt with - economic, social, military, domestic, foreign, ecological and staying in power. The screen begins to look like Command Center - stunningly realistic and quite intimidating. There is a longish tutorial and a multi-paged manual. You can play against the computer or up to 16 on-line players. This is not a game for everyone - but a good game for the right person.

Fun Factor: Yes - if you are a political junkie

Reviewed by: Editor - Feb/11

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