Ages: Everyone

It's a different take from the Cake Mania crowd, this time it's a beauty salon - but the drill is the same - serve and please as many customers as possible and upgrade with some business acumen. And that might mean balancing equipment against an extra employee, extra services and perks.

Moving-up means adding services like manicures, dye and set jobs, plucking eyebrows and such. As you advance, other venues become available: City Center, Ski Resort, Big City Hotel Ritz, Sunny Beach, Star Studio. In the end - it's still time management but with outlandish hair colors and an interesting mix of customers.

Fun Factor: Like a hamburger joint but with hair and nails
Female Factor: It's a woman's world
Player Friendly: Has an easy level that is easy.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/09

  • © Real Arcade
  • Platform(s): GBDSDS
  • To Order: DS $29.99