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Second Sight
Ages: Teen --Blood, Mild Language, Violence

Uh Oh -- another hero with psychic powers. This one actually has a story and a character that you can sympathize with. The guy on the front looks like he has a mighty headache and reminds me of a bald Bruce Willis, interesting but not pretty. He is Dr.Vattic who wakes with his mind erased of memories -- an unsuspecting victim of scientific research. Slowly, as he tries to escape his confines he discovers his exceptional strength and physic powers. His "Charm" makes him invisible to his enemies (a unusual use of the word); Telekinesis -- enables him to manipulates objects from a distance; Psi blast -- delivers a blast of energy (good stuff but it drains his energy); and last but not least, Projection -- where he gets out of his body and his astral self can function and interact with the world (however his body shell is vulnerable). Killing is not the only solution -- stealth, avoidance and tranquilizing darts area all on the table.

The back story is told through cut scenes and past-history levels, in which he does not possess and therefore does not have psychic powers and has to make due with conventional weapons. Besides saving the world the story keeps your attention in finding out who is this Dr. John Vattic and what has been done to him. Graphics are good and all the cut scenes make it feel like a cross between a movie and a game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

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