The Silent Hill Experience UMD Video  - Review

The Silent Hill Experience UMD Video
Ages: not rated

This was issued before the Silent Hill movie, and so it is partially a promo for the movie and is a mix of trailers, interviews, music, comics, pieces of the game, and preview scenes from the movie. Some parts are excellent, some feel like fillers.

The music is a surprise. I don't recall the game having such pleasant background music. Even the names Love, Dance With Night Windand Cradle of Forest are more evocative of gentleness rather than horror. The music is worth hooking up your PSP to a sound system to fully enjoy it. The interviews are also good. It is interesting to hear Christopher Gans, the director of the movie, extol Silent Hill as one of the most influential works of art of this generation. The discussions between Gans and Akira Yamaoka about their favorite parts of the game yields an interesting perspective. Trailers of previous Silent Hill games will connect to players of the game -- they are too short to engage new viewers. As for the comics -- they are less known and their richness is a surprise. So, it is an interesting package although I am not sure who its intended market is.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/06

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