Silent Hill 4: The Room - Box

Silent Hill 4: The Room
Ages: Mature

Clever of writer Murakoshi to attack your last bastion of sanity and security -- your room. In this latest Silent Hill there is no respite. You are locked in your room and the only exit is through a portal in the bathroom which leads to demonic other worlds. Each trip to and fro causes your home base to degenerate before your eyes. Exorcism rituals help ward off the effects but blunt force works best in the other hellish worlds. There are monsters and grotesques galore -- too many with human appearances. Killing is easier when the enemies are monsters -- much harder and more disturbing if they have some human semblance. I always found horror movies too much to take -- with the game, you can't even close your eyes.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/05

  • Silent Hill 4: The Room
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  • PS2
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