Sims 3:Late Night - Review

Sims 3:Late Night
Rating: T - Teen

Let's face it, the rolling hills, perfect beaches, and excellent schools of Twinbrook and Sunset Valley weren't going to hold us for long. With the Sims3 Late Night Expansion Pack, those sleepy little towns can be left behind in favor of the hustle and bustle of big city living, complete with high-rise apartments, public transportation, and paparazzi.

Big cities mean big social scenes, and managing your celebrity status can easily become a part-time job. Impress celebrities, and they'll converse with you. With enough celebrity friends, your own celebrity status starts to climb. Get it high enough and you'll find yourself getting food, drinks, and the occasional home appliance for free. While it's fun to waltz past the bouncers and the velvet ropes, it's important to remember that social status can quickly lead to public disgrace if you're partying too much and forget to pay the bills, not only does the repo man visit, but the resulting scandal leaves you clinically depressed for days.

As with any city, opportunities for vice outnumber those for virtue. There are plenty of places to drink, and mixology, or cocktail-making, has evolved to an art form. The clubs have lavish and varied interiors, some complete with black lights and bubble machines. Your Sim can "group" with others for activities, and a good group outing has the same effect on your mood as throwing a good party.

Music is a big part the Late Night expansion, and if you're inclined you can learn not just the guitar but also drums and bass. (Real-life musicians may find themselves a bit jealous of Sims who can apparently carry an entire upright bass and a drum kit in their backpacks.) If you get good enough, you can pick up unused instruments at clubs and friends' houses and start jam sessions. You can even form a band to boost your available funds as well as your celebrity status.

The vampires originally introduced in Sims 2 make their way into Sims 3 with this expansion. If you find a vampire, you can ask them to turn you. Cooking becomes irrelevant; instead you snack on cans of plasma juice and the occasional friend. Vampires seem to be more depressed and brooding than normal Sims, it takes real effort to keep their moods elevated enough to do anything, even in the dead of night after a long rest in a light-tight coffin. Fortunately, a cure for vampirism is available, if pricey.

The challenge of keeping a vampire functional is just one of many examples of additions that sound lovely but end up negatively affecting game play. Getting in or out of a high-rise apartment means waiting for the elevator, and then riding it. Sometimes, clicking the "View My Home" button moves your view to the front of the building your Sims live in, not to their apartment. Friends come to visit, then disappear into the depths of a sprawling building, never to be chatted with again. Group outings offer little relief you can sit around for quite some time just waiting for all your group members to get into an elevator.

Installation was uncomplicated, from a disk that contains both PC and Mac versions. The Expansion CD must be in the drive to play.

Fun Factor: Lots to explore but at the expense of a smooth game
Female Factor: Girls just wanna have fun!
Player Friendly: You have to keep The Sims 3 installed on your computer to install this expansion.

Reviewed by: Linda Branagan - Jan/11

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