SimCity Societies (PC) - Review

SimCity Societies (PC)
Ages: Everyone 10+

There are many rules, statistics and requirements involved in this game. Your city is controlled by societal values. In this case, Productivity, Prosperity, Creativity, Spirituality, Authority and Knowledge. You use these concepts as filters when designing habitats, workplaces, entertainment venues and decorations (fountains, statues, murals clock towers). Sims need a place to live, work and entertainments - and they don't want to travel far. Keep these three needs in mind and you city will thrive and your sims will be happy.

There are scads of data which imply that it is all important to planning so your are enjoined to keep track of the stats of everything. Buildings have abilities which effect and are effected by other buildings and in turn effect the sims. So if your are trying to keep a balance of your energies by the value of the items you select - they can change once you place them. On top of that, many of the ratings seem somewhat arbitrary.

So my solution. Take advantage of the great graphics, wonderful animation, and they say, over 500 different buildings, and go for the free play mode. Click on fast-time and watch your city come to life. Trust your judgment as to how cities should be built and you might be surprised at the medals you get and how happy your sims are.

Tutorial mode is OK but you probably will get boarded before the end. There needs to be more zooms and better cursor control. However there is lots to enjoy -the attractiveness of the buildings, the variety of street enhancements the lighting, the day and night sequence with the shadows moving, bridges built effortlessly, amusing attractions. When you place the roads, lighting and sims come automatically.

It will be interesting to see which way the game develops - there are possibilities for customizations and community formation - it will depend upon how the gamers play it. While you may scoff at the societal values - sims are basically the THIF crowd - can your buildings effect them? Architects have long believed that buildings can influence the lives of people. This game gives you what no other Sims game does - a fun and easy way to create fantastic environments - good, peaceful, hideous - go out and play in the giant sandbox.

Fun Factor: Lots of "what if" scenarios to try.
Female Factor: Not relvant
Player Friendly: Plenty of saves.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/07

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