Space Ace - Review

Space Ace

This is a new release of an old game and it feels more like a Blu-ray demo disk. You have to have been playing this game in the '80s to appreciate this release. It's a tried and true scenario. The hero must prevail through hazards to rescue his damsel in distress, in this case Kimberly. Evil is represented by Commando Borf who looks like a big, fat Blue Meannie who, with his Infanto Ray will infantalize the world making it easy for takeover. When struck by the ray, Ace changes into the youth Dexter, who in his ineffective way, still attempts the rescue operation. The end game is predictable, nevertheless, less funny.

The game play is less than interactive. You don't actually control the character but respond to a situation by indicating up, down, left or right, and there is also an action button. A correct response will flash a green light; and incorrect one will give you the red light and an animated sequence of your death. This is a fast game but there are options to slow it down by selecting Cadet instead of the Captain and Ace choices. You can also opt for unlimited lives - highly recommended.

The game requires a stand alone Blu-ray compatible player, but I used my PS3 console with the standard controller. The game is short - short, like 30 minutes. The extras are longer than the game but strictly for a trip down memory lane. <

The impressive restoration will be missed on those who never played the arcade version - on laser disk yet - that and Beta have gone the way of the dodo. But art like this should not be lost. This is part of the history of games.

Fun Factor: Only for the fans of Bluth
Female Factor: Kimberly - does the best she can with the damsel in distress role
Player Friendly: Fast - but mods make it playable

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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