Speed Racer - the Video Game - Wii - Review

Speed Racer - the Video Game - Wii
Ages: Everyone

This is basically the same game as on the DS except for more outrageously colorful graphics and the ability to wiggle waggle your remote. Again there is no story to slow down the action. What Warner Brothers has managed to do is to capture the visual experience of speed. When you get into The Zone it's like Hans Solo taking the Millennium Falcon into hyperspace - a blast.

All this Car-Fu is done with Remote-Fu.

Now using the directional pad

Car-Fu is using all the above to vanquish your opponents. Two players can compete with a horizontal split screen. The manual gives tips on how to fine-tune your driving strategies. If you compare the two platforms, you can see that the button assignment on the DS is simpler. Simpler is nice.

Fun Factor: The Car-Fu is a blast
Female Factor: A couple of female racers
Player Friendly: The remote handles well - but the DS is easier.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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