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Street Fighter Alpha: Generations
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First off -- I have never played any of the Street Fighter games or read any of the manga so this is new for me. I do like manga and this short anime DVD seems very like the chapters of manga. I gather that this is a prequel to the Street Fighter mythos and attempts to give some background of two of the important characters Akuma and Ryu. Ryu returns to pay homage to his deceased mentor, and is tormented by disturbing memories of his master's killer Akuma. In a quest to become a true martial arts master, Ryu sets out to hone his street fighting skills and to deliver himself from the haunting legacy of the Dark Hadou. The Dark Hadou is like the "dark side of the force" and it's use taints you and eventually you are in its power. Ryu must confront Akuma , his arch rival. The path of a street fighter is never simple -- we find out that Akuma is Ryu's father. I think that's right -- I got a little confused with Gouki and Gouken. Anyway the fight scenes are a great light show. BTW am I the only one who sees Star Wars in this? I think having short chapters of anima are like manga books -- a quick read or view but I think the DVD's should be priced more in line with the manga -- something around ten dollars a pop.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/05

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