Subject 13 - Review

Subject 13
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Subject 13 carries the impressive imprimatur of Microids, the creators of Syberia, which makes for great expectations.

The game begins with Franklin Fargo emerging from what looks like a bathysphere into a large windowless laboratory that, from the disarray indicates a hurried exit. A disembodied voice calls him Subject 13 and informs him that he will be required to do certain tests to evaluate his intelligence, with a possible reward at the end. Of course, Franklin is a very smart physicist who tried to drown himself, despairing the loss of his wife. That makes him a perfect candidate what has he got to lose? You wonder is this going to be like Portal? No way, this controller has no sense of humor. Most of the tasks require intuiting what needs to be connected, turned, combined and involves many doors, mirrors, mysterious monoliths with strange symbols. Meanwhile you keep coming across dated briefing notes of a previous crew indicating that the project is going to pieces. Eventually you finally solve your way through the last door and find yourself alone on a tropic island dominated by an inaccessible mountain temple. At this point the game falls apart almost like a new team was brought in. The puzzles continue but they feel haphazard and are disproportionately difficult. One involves the Mayan numbering system, the other a gigantic Minesweeper puzzle. For the Mayan one you can go onto You Tube the Mindsweeper one you will just have to tough it through. It ends unresolved, which feels like the designers also got tired of it. Too bad.

Ending on a happy note, Microids is currently working on Syberia3, scheduled for release this year. Syberia sold more than three million copies and has avid fans of Miss Kate Walker - the sexiest heroine in a white shirt eagerly awaiting her return.

Fun Factor: Good beginning - disappoints midway
Female Factor: A dead wife
Player Friendly: no glitches but also no instructions.

Reviewed by: Editor - Jun/16

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