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The Suffering: The Ties That Bind
Ages: Mature

I don't really feel sorry for this Torque guy. So he had a bad childhood and his wife divorced him, but he has been accused of killing his wife and children and now he's back in Baltimore. Too bad for Baltimore.

There are flashbacks in the game so you can learn more of Torque -- trust me -- he's no hero. There are other nefarious characters populating this game. Jordan, who is much prettier that Torque is running the powerful and immoral "Foundation", and you won't know until the game end what Blackmore has it in for our guy Torque. Meanwhile there are all sorts of malefactors that need the hard hand of Torque. These malefactors are grotesques -- part human, part animators nightmares, who were people at one time but have been frozen at the moment of their horrible death into zombie like creatures. So much killing to do -- so little help. Help arrives when Torque changes into a beast - chains and blades and his extra strength allow him to truly be the Punisher. This is one bloody game. Torque costume of the day is blood. Covered in blood he looks as though he worked in a slaughter hours -- actually that image works. This game gets a full bore M rating, It is as M as it gets.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/05

  • The Suffering: The Ties That Bind
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