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Tales of Symphonia
Ages: Teen

The story feels a little like The Never-ending Story. Two worlds - one thriving, the other in shatters. A transitional force that both share and a Chosen One, whose job it is to save the dying world. Both Lloyd and Colette, who is the Chosen One, journey together wielding magic and fighting skills. A good story and well worth retelling. Cell shaded graphics and Anime cut scenes is the format. Real time 3D battles are developed enough to be called a system. Different relationships will effect the ending, Four people can play simultaneously by plugging their controllers into the Game Cube sockets. As in most RPGs there are many battles to fight, villages to explore, teammates to bond with, enemies to win over and monsters to vanquish. RPGs are not my speed and I am nowhere near finished.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

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