Technobablyon - Review

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The game format is much like the Blackwell series, pixilated graphics fully rendered characters' faces appearing in the right corner, haunting music, focus on the story line and incredible voice acting. As the game opens. two city security agents (CEL) Charlie Regis and Max Lao are investigating a serial Mindjacker, a crime that steals the contents of the victims brain, resulting in death. It is only the first of many inconceivable futuristic situations and crimes occurring in this game. Throughout the game you have situations that are common today but they are amped up to the extreme – think fancy restaurant, think a most rare and unusual delicacy - you got it.

Charlie – always with a furrowed brow, is forced to do the bidding of a blackmailer who has kidnapped the fertilized eggs that are his future children. Especially important since his wife is dead – murdered. Max is the perfect cop – admires Charlie and is wired into the CEL system, Charlie is not. Her cheerfullest tempers Charlie's pervasive grumpiness.

Both agents are controllable as is Latha Sesame, a young girl whose motivation is to be always in the Trance and to eat enough food to stay alive in the subsistence welfare state. It is the ancillary characters that bring in the color, humor and the unforgettable voice talent that will leave sound crumbs in your brain – Liam Stepford, service representative for a servo-robotic company with his “Oh my yes”, and Cheffie the Chef, the food service servo's insistently-helpful voice. There is a very clever bit using a splitter mechanism that lets you exchange personalities and memories between the service bots. And don't forget to use the contact terminals. There is a telephone book in the game and numerous extras have recorded a sentence or two to add to the players amusement – Clever. Lots of action takes place in labs– scientists, good and bad are central to the story. There are so many scenes cleverly rendered that you might find yourself thinking that it would be a waste to use them for only one game – you would be right. There is another episode in the wings.

Fun Factor: Weird and edgy
Female Factor: Yea! most of the characters are women - both good and bad
Player Friendly: No hitches

Reviewed by: Editor - May/15

  • Technobabylon - Available May 21, 2015.   Pre-order at, $14.99.
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  • Platform(s): W7 Vista XP (Steam)